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Upgrading the Belt-CP will be easy

dodano: 6 lutego, 07:34 przez airpurifieryc

 Nevertheless, for pilot who require even more precision and responsively, a few upgrade will do the trick. The only thing that's missing is a radio controller and a receiver. Hobby Thailand recently has a look at this model to see how well it performs and weather it has the potential to steal the crown from the current king of high-end electric rotor crafts. These two facts combine to make the Belt-CP a desirable low-priced alternative to Align's models.Electric RC Helicopters rates as the fastest growing sector of the radio control hobby world in recent years, and Align's T-REX helicopter line dominates the high-end portion of this niche market.

The included components of the Belt-CP are an impressive set right out of the box. This model provides pilots with a low-price alternative to Align's T-REX without having to sacrifice quality. Its flight capabilities rival that of much more expensive models in its class. Undoubtedly, this helicopter aims to steal some of the market share. The included motor is already powerful. Another noteworthy aspect of this model is that ball-bearings are fully integrated into the kit.First and most notable point of this model of this model is the fact that, as stated earlier, all the parts are interchangeable with the T-REX.

Upgrading the Belt-CP will be easy since compatible parts are all over the market. The Belt-CP is a fully 3D-capaple 6 channels helicopter that flies smoothly right out of the box.All in all, the Belt-CP is a capable helicopter with a great price for quality ratio. Suggested upgrades include carbon fiber blades and a better Gyro - the Futaba 240, which fits perfectly to the body - for example. Nevertheless, E-Sky's own parts, although a little bit harder to find, are also of fine quality and (once again) cheaper.

With its part fully compatible with the T-REX, this helicopter is quite an interesting model to try indeed. In fact, my favorite hobby shop sells the Belt-CP together with a radio and a receiver for only $200. Moreover, finding replacement parts for the fan motors Belt-CP will be easy as T-REX's spare parts are already flooding the market. Now, one of Align's main rival, E-Sky, launches a model whose parts are fully compatible with those of the T-REX, the Belt-CP. However, many hobby shops will add in a cheap controller and receiver to make a complete set at an irresistible price.

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